Grandma's Kitchen Element Pack
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Thinking back on my childhood visits to my grandmother's house, I remember pale yellow cupboards, gingham, flowers, plaid, and fun kitchenware that wasn't like what my mom had.  Along with that, I remember the taste and smell of fresh cinnamon rolls, strawberries, and raspberry sauce.  Her kitchen was a homey place with so many fun things that I couldn't find anywhere else.  It's those images, smells, and feelings that I tried to capture in my 'Grandmother's Kitchen' kits.

This standalone pack of 55 unique elements is a part of the 'Grandmother's Kitchen' kits.  It includes 14 Kitchen Implements, 8 Extracted Flowers, 4 Advertisements, 4 Doilies, 3 Buttons, 3 Felt Flowers, 3 Staples, 3 Stitches, 2 Bows, 2 Stickers, 1 Book, 1 Bunting, 1 Frame, 1 Coffee Stain, 1 Leaf, 1 Milk Top, 1 Tag, 1 Pendant, and 1 String.

The vintage, homey colors could easily be mixed and matched with virtually any kit.  All elements are 300ppi for superb print quality and come with a limited commercial use license.

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Grandma's Kitchen Element Pack

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