Grandma's Kitchen Brads
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Thinking back on my childhood visits to my grandmother's house, I remember pale yellow cupboards, gingham, flowers, plaid, and fun kitchenware that wasn't like what my mom had.  Along with that, I remember the taste and smell of fresh cinnamon rolls, strawberries, and raspberry sauce.  Her kitchen was a homey place with so many fun things that I couldn't find anywhere else.  It's those images, smells, and feelings that I tried to capture in my 'Grandmother's Kitchen' kits.

This standalone pack of 16 unique brads is a part of the 'Grandmother's Kitchen' kits. The vintage, homey colors could easily be mixed and matched with virtually any kit.  All elements are 300ppi for superb print quality and come with a limited commercial use license.

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Grandma's Kitchen Brads

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