Christmas Memories - Glitter Paper Pack
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For me, Christmas really begins once we start decorating the tree.  It signals the beginning of a season filled with family, friends, and memories.  

Growing up, our family Christmas tree was always full of a mix of new and vintage colorful ornaments, numerous memories, and for lack of a better term 'wonder'.  My husband and I have adopted the same philosophy with our tree.  Though it may look a bit mismatched to the average onlooker, each and every ornament has a story...a memory attached.  With the "Christmas Memories" bundle of kits, I'm hoping to share a slice of those memories with each of you. 

This standalone pack of 8 glitter patterned papers is a part of the 'Christmas Memories' bundle. Make sure to zoom in to see the detail in these papers!  If you do, you'll see the incredible detail of actual scanned glitter.

The vibrant color palette used to create the bundle could easily be mixed and matched with virtually any kit.  All papers are 3600x3600 and 300ppi for superb print quality and come with a limited commercial use license.

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Please note that this is a digital product available for download, you will receive no physical product.

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Christmas Memories - Glitter Paper Pack

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